The Husbands Reviews

Reviews of The Husbands:

Four stars – “Cleverly calling into question many orthodox beliefs – whether that be the value of male children in India or a Western society which ‘believes in equality but punishes women for it’; that the greatest female achievement is pregnancy or that the collective good is always superior – The Husbands is nothing if not thought-provoking” whats on stage: 

Mark Theodore as Omar by Robert GrayThis is a satisfyingly intriguing premise and Chauhan’s writing builds up this odd situation so that our perspectives are constant shifting…” Daisy Bowie-Sell, Time Out

“There’s a hint of Margaret Atwood in Chauhan’s fictional world, and a great deal of the intractable issues that gnaw away at feminists.” Mady Costa, Guardian 


“The Husbands, a new play by Sharmila Chauhan, has at its core a brilliantly bizarre and interesting premise. Chauhan takes a refreshing risk in creating a whole fictional community for her drama to take place in; but it certainly does pay dividends as what enfolds is uniquely fascinating…  The Husbands is a brave and interesting new play … leaves an impression that is hard to shake off. Food for thought.” George Attwell Gerhards  Public Reviews

“One thing that The Husbands leaves the audience with is a lot of thoughts and questions. A strong asset of the play is that it creates discussion about the role of society in establishing norms, values and its influence on the way people live. Chauhan analyses the role of women throughout the history and how it became what it is today. With the clever use of strong characters and poetic writing she presents the evolution of the female figure and their right to choose”  Fd2d

“Well acted and beautifully scripted…It serves its purpose whilst offering enjoyment, led by a talented cast and written by an extremely talented writer.” HerdMu

“Played out on a stunning set, mindful and evocative of the rich culture it is portraying, The Husbands brims with knotty questions and boldly explores ingrained gender narratives held in both Western and Indian societies. Most troublingly, it asks whether women can ever really be free when bound and betrayed by their bodies; their revered and resented ability to reproduce..”  Mary Halton Public Reviews
The Husbands by Sharmila Chauhan Syreeta Kumar Rhik Samadder Mark Theodore Phillip Edgerly Photo by Robert Day
Sharmila Chauhan’s audacious, yet not so audacious play offers us alternative pattern of thinking gender, womanhood, desire, ambition and family. It should not be utopic because we all have the power to tackle patriarchy, men and women who can acknowledge that there is a gender disparity in social practices and perception. Ending on another quote of Adichie ‘Culture do not make people. People make culture’. matriarkheia


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