MicroFiction and Poetry….

FOSSIL (Jan 2012)

This was a quick response poem which I think will be the beginning of a new short story.

See what you think…



For my burning pain

She pours water

Not water, but ice

She has frozen my pain

Into my heart; and

Its icicles rip shreds

So the blood pours out

Drenching me in the warmth

Of my own demise





Happiness: A sheen of sweat. The tingle under my skin

When you take off your coat
I see it
That tiny sliver of skin
Between your tshirt
And those
Warmers you wear

Its cold in my flat
Dense with drafts and chills
The air nuzzles and bites
Like cold toes on a winter night
But I want to see

I want you to…
Show me that place
Where your blood
In branching directions
Hurrying place to place
So  empty of me
And full of you

Your fingers wrap a bicep
Dragging the material slowly
So the sliver becomes a slice
And I become an open mouth

I reach out
You pull away
Then you a laugh

Why do you wear them? I ask
You laugh and roll them up again
Leaving a little skin
To mock me

Why have you come? I ask
Your fingerprints have been wiped away
Your flecks of skin brushed into bins
The sheets don’t smell of you…
Of us

Your fingers leave prints on my table
I watch as they fade away
How quickly you’ve disappeared
How quickly I’ve forgotten
You give me your hands
They’re damp
I roll both sleeves down
Stopping at the elbows

Asking those goose pimples
If they want me
To stroke them to sleep
I know why you came to show me this
Your skin
Scrubbed free of arguments
Of my fingers muddling through it
Now it’s new
Innocent of hurt
Of the scars that love leaves behind

When it’s angry
But not yet finished
It can start again
Rebuild a new layer
Maybe we can too?

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