Britain’s Got Bhangra

Or has it?

Well I’m a great believer of sharing the love of all things Asian but I have to say I’d like to see some serious Asian theatre….

Something beyond Bollywood, arranged marriages and what’s the Trouble  with Asian Men?!

Like all things,  minority groups may find themselves most affected by changes in the general status quo. Theatre in the UK has become decidely more tabloid and ‘issue’ led. Old timers like Beckett may now seem out of place in our ‘theatrical reality’ which in itself is propogating a reality which may quickly become out of date….

Anyway, I digress, Britain’s Got Bhangra….

Stratford East 17 April – 16 May 2010

Britain’s Got Bhangra charts the rise of British Bhangra from the sequin clad 80s through to the RnB fusion of the current charts.

Twinkle arrives fresh from the fields of the Punjab with a song in his heart and no money in his pocket. Can his talent shine through or will the remixed bling of the 90’s DJ’s ruin his dreams?

Bring the family and move to the rhythm and Bhangra. Shake your shoulders, twist that lightbulb; this is the story of how Britain got Bhangra. A new musical guaranteed to lift you from the dhol drums!

It might be fun and it may certainly get you dancing!

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