NRI : A new taste for an old recipe?

My brother put me onto this website which I think is pretty cool.



It’s written by and for NRIs – Non-Resident Indians and covers an array of cultural and lifestyle issues. I think this is a subject matter close to many of our hearts and with the diaspora contantly in flux its good to keep the finger in where the mix is going. How sweet is it, does it need more sugar or is it ready to go?

In this case, I imagine the case of the NRI will be a recipe that we won’t perfect for a while – there probably isn’t one receipe for all – but its a good idea to get a feel for the variety out there. One small niggly point – I just wish that there were more indepth pieces- sometimes it feels like a collection of article written very much like this one (!) opinion pieces.

Do too many opinions turn the milk sour? Or are we going for yoghurt anyway?

Since I don’t think this will be the last of my culinary meanderings – i think i’ll stop there….

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