When Spring Comes

My play When Spring Comes was part of the South Asian Literature Festival in conjunction with Tamasha theatre in November 2012 as part of the Exodus Event commemorating 40 years since the Ugandan Exodus.

The reading was a real success – resonating with the audience whose experience has had little or no voice in the arts – especially in England. Perhaps the most notable being the film Mississippi Masala (Mira Nair) and the novel The InBetween World of Vikram Lal (MG Vassanji) – but there is a definite need to debate this issue of Twice-Migrants in the UK, who with our Swahili mix of food, language and music we bring a multitude of experiences that have been passed on, almost subliminally to the next generation.


Directed by Dominc Hingorani


Bhawana Bhawsara (Jaya)

Divian Ladwa (Mukesh)

Muzz Khan (Vinod)

Shaheen Khan (Urvashi and Ba)



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