Sharmila has had two short films commissioned by Film London and written two features: Heart of the City (part of the Film London and Cinestan India Microschool 2015) and Mother Land.

Her short film Oysters – an exploration of desire in the face of grief – was shortlisted for the Kevin Spacey Foundation and her feature Mother Land – is currently being developed by Cinestan International and has been long-listed for the Sundance Writers’ Lab.

film london pic

Oysters (dir: Pratyusha Gupta, produced by Emma Duffy) – commissioned by Film London (2016)oysters

Desire in the face of grief. When Sheena calls Javed for dinner,  the attraction between them is palpable – but can they overcome the past that brings them together?

Oysters was also short listed for a Kevin Spacey Foundation award.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.25.18

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.33.55

Girl Like You… (dir. Rajinder Kochar, produced by X-Films) – commissioned by Film London (2015)girl like you

Explores a young woman’s sexual awakening.

Set in the face of today’s overtly sexualised culture; Girl Like You explores what happens when you step over the mark and who will judge you most.



See an excerpt here.

Make and Model (in pre-production, 2015)

Director: Billy Walsh

Producer: Jonathon Chambers

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