I am available to teach workshops including:

Writing short filmsReading concept



Finding Flow: This workshop will help you to find your voice and flow using deepening practices to help you to tap into your energies

and creativity.   Using a combination of meditation, visualisation, breath and energy work (Kundalini and Tantra) – we will deepen our artistic practice and help to inspire, unblock and free the writer within.   Whether you are new to writing or an experienced practioner, this workshop will help you to not only feel inspired and write better, but also equip you with some self-care techniques that will help you to move forward sustainably with your creative projects.

Writing Women – this workshop will provide a space to explore female characters,  examining the common pitfalls and issues – helping you to sure up your own voice when it comes to writing female characters.

Crossing the Cultural Space – should writers be free to write about whatever culture they like? This one day workshop will provide the space and insights for writers to explore what it’s like to write about a culture that is not your own.

Negotiating cultural space – will provide the space and insights for writers, actors and directors to discuss being part of different cultural spaces.

Let’s talk about sex: this workshop will explore writing about sexuality, erotica and desire.

Unleashing your creativity! A workshop using workshopping and exercises to help you get started on a project or progress it if you’re stuck.

Self care for the artist: creativity needs care – this workshop will help to inspire creativity and self care ensuring longevity and robustness in your creative practice.

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